Aerial Map Processing and Hosting

Make your own Orthophoto Maps and 3D Models.

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The Internet's only online georeferencing interface.
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Make money with your creations. Create maps for others.
Works with existing GIS solutions. Uses standard methods.
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Need help getting up in the air? Drones Made Easy customers get up to 6 free maps per month. Details.
Ground Resolution (detail level) Sample ('MAPS' in 5" letters) Source Processing Cost per Acre
5 Inches per Pixel Maps Made Easy 5 Inch Ground
			    Resolution Public Map Data -
1.6 Inch per Pixel Maps Made Easy 1.6 Inch Ground
			    Resolution User Collected $0.03
1 Inch per Pixel Maps Made Easy 1 Inch Ground
			    Resolution User Collected $0.09
.5 Inch per Pixel Maps Made Easy .5 Inch Ground
			    Resolution User Collected $0.38

* Assumes a Monthly Business Subscription, 50 acre area, 55% overlap, and a 4000 x 3000 GoPro with a 5.5mm lens.

Check out the Point Estimator to find out how many points your specific location will require.