Pay-As-You-Go pricing system. No commitments. No subscriptions.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to mapping.  Altitude, camera, focal length, resolution, urgency, area covered, overlap, terrain, types of objects being mapped and so on...  The list gets pretty long.  There is no single approach that will work for everything, so we have designed a point-based system to address varying complexity, accuracy, urgency, and use cases.  The bigger and more detailed the map, the more points it will require.  The more points you buy, the cheaper they are.  It's that simple. 

Required Points = Total Gigapixels * 200

Total Gigapixels = Image Height * Image Width * Number of Images / 1,000,000

All new accounts get 500 Points as a starting balance. Enough to map 800 acres*.

All small maps 1 gigapixel of imagery or less are free to let users test the system and run sample areas before running big maps.

Convert your promotional point balance to purchased points with any purchase.
Price Points Approximate Coverage* Cost per Acre
$7.99 300 120 Acres $0.067
$29.99 1,500 650 Acres $0.046
$54.99 3,000 1,350 Acres $0.041
$99.99 6,000 2,800 Acres $0.036
$149.99 10,000 5,000 Acres $0.030
$424.99 30,000 16,000 Acres $0.026
$669.99 50,000 30,000 Acres $0.022

* Assumes 60% overlap, 2 inch/px GSD and a 4000 x 3000 DJI Camera.


Our Map Pilot for DJI app for iOS devices is the most accurate and easiest way to make estimates.

Or check out our Point Estimator to estimate how many points a particular survey will require.
Ground Resolution (detail level) Images Acres Points Price Cost per Acre
3 Inch per Pixel 36 50 86 $1.43 (free) $0.03 per Acre
2 Inch per Pixel 64 50 154 $2.57 $0.05 per Acre
1 Inch per Pixel 210 50 504 $8.40 $0.17 per Acre

* Assumes a 6,000 Point Purchase, 60% overlap, and a 4000 x 3000 DJI Camera. Resolution not limited to these values.

Don't have any of your own data yet? Download this test data set, sign up, and try things out.