Maps Made Easy Orthophoto Georeferencing

Make Your Own
Orthophoto Maps and 3D Models

Fly anything to collect your images.

Our processing works with images taken from any aerial platform. You take the images and we handle the processing and data management.

Control the quality & timing of your maps.

Don't use dated or poor quality "satellite" maps to show real estate assets and their surroundings. Get the amount of detail you need, when you need it.

Technical output files.

Make real measurements using scaled models and maps. Cloud-processing allows user to create georeferenced orthophotos, 3D models and digital surface models.


Take control of your aerial maps. You collect the imagery. We'll handle the rest. More Samples...

Zoom in to see the difference in detail. Mark it up.

Try it in 3D! (preview model created from individual images)

The Internet's only online georeferencing interface.
Want more up-to-date maps? Make your own!
Control your resolution. Up to 20X higher than Google Earth.
BYOA (Bring Your Own Aircraft). Fly with anything.
NDVI processing. Monitor crops to increase efficiency.
Share your creations via links, Facebook, or embed in other sites.
Familiar and straightforward dashboard makes managing jobs easy.
Perfect for Professional users. Add to your business's capabilities.
Keep multiple layers of map history. Build up a story over time.
Make money with your creations. Create maps for others.
Works with existing GIS solutions. Uses standard methods.

Limited Time: All jobs 125 Points or less are free! All new accounts get 500 Points as a starting balance.
Need help getting up in the air? Drones Made Easy customers get 300 free points per month. Details.

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