Aerial Mapping Workflow
Create orthophoto maps, DEMs (DSMs), NDVI imagery and 3D models. See the Outputs page for a full list of what you get.

Maps Made Easy EXIF Geotagged Images

Georeferenced w/Camera GPS
Upload up to 5,000 images

Use your camera's built-in GPS and EXIF tags to align your imagery to the world.

Use Classic Workflow

Maps Made Easy DJI Images

Optimized for Map Pilot
Upload up to 4,000 images

New workflow designed to be used with Map Pilot collected data. Allows upload from various cloud storage sources, resolution downscaling, faster upload, faster processing, and image spacing preview.

Use New Workflow

Use Map Pilot for DJI to collect the most accurate data possible.
  • Terrain Awareness - Maintain a consistent AGL altitude.
  • No Fly Zone Control - Know where you can fly and do it safely.
  • Linear Flight Planning - Fly narrow corridors like roads, rivers and pipelines.
  • Import Maps Made Easy Terrain Data - Use your Maps Made Easy creations to keep up with changes on the ground.
  • Active Connection Mapping - Take the most accurate data possible.
  • Connectionless Mapping - Ensure your images get taken by letting the aircraft trigger the camera.

Read more here: Map Pilot for DJI