As of the December 2015 firmware releases DJI changed their JPG metadata format to use the GPS derived altitude instead of the relative barometric altimeter reading they had used previously. This is good news for general purpose geotagging since the above sea level number is now reflected. This is very bad news for users that are trying to use photogrammetry to accurately reconstruct a scene because the GPS derived altitude is notoriously noisy and unreliable.

Maps Made Easy quickly identified the problem and worked to integrate a solution into its processing. Other software makers have yet to react to this shift so we offer this tool to fix the image tags back to a reliable altitude using the following method:

  • Detect a Ground Reference Image to determine the takeoff location's above sea level (ASL) elevation or get a manually recorded one from the user.
  • Get the above ground level (AGL) barometric altitude value that is embedded in each image and add that to the determined starting altitude.
  • Put the newly created and much more accurate above sea level (ASL) value in the EXIF tag locations that are commonly read by most other softwares.

Once this process is complete a link to a zip file of all the fixed images and a CSV file containing the rest of the metadata will be emailed to the user.

Pricing: 1 Image for 1 Maps Made Easy Processing Point - Purchased Points only (no Promotional Points) - up to 2000 images per batch

Flow: Complete the panels to turn the title bar green in order to continue to the next tab. Then hit the enabled Next button.

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